Zoomer Dino – Jurassic world INDOMINUS REX Review

Zoomer Dino Jurassic World INDOMINUS REX


It’s Alive! Kidz love the  Zoomer Dino INDOMINUS REX 

Dinosaur toys for kidz are very popular right now! Kidz just love anything to do with dinosaurs and Juraasic World, so this Zoomer Dino INDOMINUS REX is the perfect gift for dinosaur buffs around the world. Your kidz will simply love taking home their very own interactive INDOMINUS REX, the most fearsome robotic dinosaur on the planet!

Let’s take a look at what makes the Zoomer Dino INDOMINUS REX special and how to get the best out of your new interactive, robotic toy.

  • Robotic Collectors Edition.
  • True Balance Technology to hunt, patrol and explore its environment.
  • Advanced IR nose detectors follow your hand movements.
  • Responds to the sound of your voice.
  • Remote control to take control over your INDOMINUS REX.
  • Understands English, French or Spanish.
  • 5 different moods.
  • Certificate of Authenticity from The Hammond Creation Lab.
  • Age Appropriate for 5+ years.
  • Remote Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • INDOMINUS REX powers up using a USB charger.
  • Real sounds from the Jurassic World Movie.
  • 1 hour initial charging.
  • Up to 30 minutes play on a full charge.
  • Color changing eyes.
  • Size: 6.8 x 16 x 6.8 inches.
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds.



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Zoomer Dino Jurassic WorldYour Zoomer Dino INDOMINUS REX is mean, independent and has a nasty streak, so you need to keep an eye open at all times. What can he do? Well, let’s take a look:

  •  Roar and chomp.
  • Follow you around.
  • Spin around in circles.
  • Follow your hand movements.
  • Responds to your voice.
  • Roars really loudly.
  • His eyes change color according to his mood.
  • IR sensors let him track your movements.
  • Pulling his tail makes him really mad!

INDOMINUS REX can understand English, French and Spanish and if he doesn’t understand what you just said to him you will see an X in his eyes. When you first power him up, he will have ?? in his eyes, because he is listening and waiting to interact with you.

You will need to be patient and speak clearly while Zoomer Dino learns your commands, but he is a fast learner!

IR sensors respond to your movements

Zoomer Dino INDOMINUS REX interactive toyBring INDOMINUS REX to life and unleash its incredible power and stealth to hunt down its prey, even in the dark.

The Zoomer Dino is an awesome robotic toy that actually follows your hand movements, so you can direct it to spin around, whip its tail and roar!

This is all due to the advanced IR sensors located in its nose and if you activate the auto mode and wave your hand really fast, he will unleash a ferocious spin and hip his tail around just like in the movie.

True Balance Technology means that he can whizz around on a flat surface without tipping over, even on his two wheels. He can move forwards and backwards, sit, stand, move his tail, nod his head and whiz around in angry circles.

Patrol and Attack Modes

INDOMINUS REX Jurassic World Zoomer Dino toyWhen you put your Zoomer Dino into Patrol Mode he will explore his surroundings using the True Balance Technology.

He can roam around your home on his own, exploring and investigating on his own or you can use the remote control to direct him on two different Patrol Patterns.

Watch his eyes as they change color with his mood, flashing bright when he is angry. It’s really scary when you put him into Attack mode, because he will watch your hand movements and flash his eyes,  and if you wave your hand in front of his face he will instantly become ferocious and attack everything in sight!

You can initiate Attack mode from a standing or a sitting position but be warned! Shake the INDOMINUS REX tail in ANY mode and he will turn into an angry beast, attacking everything that he can find.

Real life sounds from the Movie

Your Zoomer Dino has been programmed with lots of realistic roars from the Jurassic World Movie and lets out a range of thunderous roars and growls, as it roams your home looking for prey.

Zoomer Dino has 5 different moods

Zoomer Dino's fierce eyesYour INDOMINUS REX really is a moody dinosaur, because he has 5 different moods that he shows with the color of his eyes.

  • Red = Angry.
  • Yellow = Control pod mode.
  • Purple = Hand gesture mode.
  • Green = Happy.
  • Blue = Curious.

The Hand gesture mode means that he is concentrating on your hand movements and responding to you.

The control pod mode means that you are controlling his movements with the remote control. The more you interact and play with INDOMINUS REX, the more he learns, because after all, he is an interactive robotic toy. He can learn tricks and will respond to your movements quite independently, as he learns more about you and the environment.

Remote control

Remote control for Zoomer DinoUse the handy remote control to direct the INDOMINUS REX movements, send him on patrol or let him run free in your home.

You can even record your own search patterns and movements, and design your very own Patrol patterns for this fearsome interactive robot and he even responds to your voice as well.

You can either control REX with your hand movements or with the remote control and the small blue joystick lets you move his head and tail movements.

You will definitely want to keep your eyes on this robotic Jurassic World Dinosaur, because he will race after your pets if you are not careful. Just because you can control him with the remote control, doesn’t mean that INDOMINUS REX doesn’t have an independent streak and will go off hunting the cat all on his own!


Online customer reviews for the Zoomer Dino

Zoomer Dino INDOMINUS REX interactive toyThe majority of online customer reviewers love the Zoomer Dino, but there are some issues that have come to light.

One of these is that the charge for the INDOMINUS REX doesn’t last very long, so your kidz will only have about 30 minutes of play on full charge.  This is a known problem with most robotic toys and I doubt if it will change any time soon.

The other issue is that quite a few adults and kidz find that it is difficult to control the Zoomer Dino using the remote. It seems to go back into its autonomous mode too often, ignoring your commands.

On the positive side, customers love the way that it zooms around hunting and patrolling, making the kidz scream with laughter.

I bought this as a gift for my 5 year old grandson. He loved it and it balanced and worked perfectly. Great gift!

Just allowing the dino to run around and growl was enough to have all three of my kids (ages 6, 5 and 2) screaming and laughing hysterically.

From an adult’s standpoint, I’m fascinated watching this thing book across the floor and as it moves with incredible life-like motion.

I read reviews on every remote controlled dinosaur toy out there and this one is by far the best.

This dino is so much fun – the kids love to play with it and it is pretty sturdy and well built.

My 9 year old grandson LOVES it. Pretty interesting to watch, the dogs hate it!

No problems at all, and much cheaper than what you would pay for this item in stores! Would recommend it to anyone!


What’s in the Box?

When you receive your Zoomer Dino INDOMINUS REX in the mail, you will find the following items in your box:

  • 1 Indominus Rex robotic toy.
  • 1 Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
  • 1 Jurassic World Remote Control (requires 3 AAA batteries for operation – sold separately).
  • 1 USB Charging Cable (wall adapter sold separately).
  • 1 Instruction Guide.


Summing up the INDOMINUS REX Zoomer Dino

Zoomer Dino Jurassic WorldKidz love dinosaurs and this awesome robotic and interactive INDOMINUS REX might just be the gift the child in your life has been longing for.

Some people do have problems with the controls, but the vast majority of customers are very happy with their purchase.

Don’t forget to buy the AAA batteries for the remote and it needs to be charged for one hour before it can be used. The Zoomer Dino is a serious contender for Christmas and Birthdays.


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