The Secret Life of Pets – Gidget Talking Plush Buddy Review


The Secret Life of Pets - Gidget Talking Plush Buddy

Surprise your little girl with Gidget from The Secret Life of Pets

If you have kids, the you will have seen The Secret Life of Pets movie and know all about the beautiful Gidget, a white Pomeranian puppy dog, one of the main characters in the movie.

She has large blue eyes, small pink ears, little feet and a pink bow on her head. She is simply adorable, very loving, bouncy and doesn’t like to offend anybody at all, but she can be tough when needed.

Your little one is going to be beside themselves when they open their gift to find Gidget waiting for them. This 12″ plush toy has a huge personality and has a lot to say, repeating some of her best lines from the movie when you tilt her or give her a cuddly squeeze.

  • Squeeze or tilt Gidget to make her talk and interact with you.
  • Perfect for playtime and bedtime.
  • Suitable for 4 years and above, but 3 year olds love it as well.
  • Requires 3 x LR44 batteries (included).
  • Size: 10.9 x 5.2 x 11.8 inches.


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Who is Gidget the white Pomeranian from The Secret Life of Pets?

Gidget from The Secret Life of PetsThe beautiful Gidget lives with her owners in a New York apartment. She doesn’t go out very often, but she has a crush on Max, the dog who lives in the next apartment block.

She watches him from her apartment window and talks to him most days, but they very rarely meet and go for walks together.

In The Secret Life of Pets movie, Max goes missing and Gidget sets out to find him, learning that he has been taken by animal controllers, along with other apartment dogs. Gidget is very brave and after many misadventures, finally saves Max who admits that he loves her and Gidget is overjoyed.

Gidget has been described as 50% adorable and 110% tough and some of the phrases she says include:

  • “Oh, your so sweet”
  • “I am sure lucky I found you”
  • “Hi Max”
  • “Awe, fabulous”
  • “Guys put your noses on high alert”
  • “I am done playing nice!”



What do customers say about Gidget from The Secret Life of Pets?

Gidget - The Secret Life of PetsParents and kids love Gidget the adorable White Pomeranian from The Secret Life of pets.

You can’t get much better than a cuddly plush toy that is all white and fluffy and talks to you as well.

She looks exactly like her character in the movie and little girls and boys love to cuddle with her in bed at night. This is the perfect gift for Gidget lovers everywhere.

Granddaughter loves and sleeps with Gidget!

Purchased Gidget for my precious daughters 5th birthday. She absolutely loves her Gidget!!

My girls loved it.

Gidget is so cute, very soft and you get to hear her adorable voice.

My granddaughter loves this dog. She plays with it all the time.

I was overly thrilled with this dog for the price! Super cute and it looks just like the dog in the movie.

My daughter absolutely loves Gidget!!! I know this is just a talking plush, but she loves the movie so much she squealed like it was Christmas Day when this toy showed up on our doorstep.


Gidget makes a lovely gift for little girls everywhere

The Secret Life of Pets plush toysAt 12 inches high, Gidget is a life size plush toy, exactly like her character in The Secret Life of Pets.

Little girls and boys love her and parents are so happy that they have given their little one a gift that they really love.

When your little one gives Gidget a cuddly squeeze or tilts her on her side, she repeats some of her famous lines from the movie.

This is the perfect gift for Gidget lovers and fans of the movie and you can also purchase Max and Snowball as well. Currently selling for less than $15 on Amazon, Gidget and her friends make fabulous gifts for Christmas and Birthdays.


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