Furby Connect – Hot New Furby 2016 Review

New Furby Connect 2016

Welcome to the World of Furby Connect

Hasbro have outdone themselves this time with the birth of their lovely cute Furby Connect. This crazy Furby comes in bubblegum pink or hot teal and adds a whole new dimension to the Furby World with the Furby Connect World App.

Let’s take a look at the features of Furby Connect:

  • Expressive eyes, motions and phrases.
  • Moe than 1000 phrases and more with app updates.
  • Talks and connects with other Furby Connect friends.
  • Learns new phrases.
  • Furby Connect beauty sleep mask (included).
  • Requires the Furby Connect app (FREE).
  • Uses Bluetooth Smart Technology.
  • Supports specific Fire tablets, iOS and Android devices.
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).
  • Size: 5.3 x 11 x 8.9 inches.
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds.
  • Ages: Suitable for 6 years +


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What can the Furby Connect World App do for your Furby?

Furby Connect Pink Your new Furby Connect can react and interact to sounds and touch with more than 1000 phrases up its sleeve, which are automatically updated via the FREE app. You will know when new updates are available, because its head top antenna will start flashing blue.

Furby Connect is all about building a Furby family and when you connect two Furbies, they will dance together, bicker back and forth and generally create havoc!

They can even do some fancy footwork, express how they feel using over 100 colorful LED eye expressions and 1000 phrases, wiggle their ears and have heaps of fun together.

When your Furby is all tuckered out after a day of fun and frolicking and needs some serious beauty sleep, simply slip the Furby Sleep Mask over their eyes and everyone can sleep!

With the app your children can interact with their Furby and immerse themselves in a new world, engaging them for hours at a time. Your kids can take care of their Furby, feed them, bathe them, raise new little Furblings, play lots of games together and explore fresh new video clips, all on their mobile device using the app.

  • Furby Connect BlueOver 60 adorable Furbling babies to discover.
  • Feed, clean and heal your baby Furblings.
  • Over 100 different items you can use to take care of your Furblings.
  • Create a virtual Furbling village which can grow and change over time.
  • Name your Furby Connect and watch it remember its name.
  • Help Furby Connect to learn songs, dances and new phrases by watching videos with it at the virtual Movie Theater.
  • Feed your Furby Connect with virtual food using the app and find out what it likes and doesn’t like.
  • Play with Furby Connect as it talks about what happens in its virtual world.

NOTE: The Furby Connect World app is only compatible with the Furby Connect toy and is not compatible with prior apps or other Furby toys. You will need to enable Bluetooth on your device to connect your Furby Connect to the app.


Setting up your Furby Connect

Furby Connect iconsFirst of all, you need to download the Furby Connect app to your mobile device – the app is available for download at the Amazon Appstore, App Store and Google Play.

The minimum operating systems for Furby Connect are: Android devices 4.4, iOS 9.0 and Amazon Fire OS 5.

Once the app is downloaded, simply follow the instructions to connect your Furby toy to your mobile device. The connection or update is complete when the Furby icon in the top left corner of the screen turns from purple to yellow. If at any time, the icon is purple, just click on it to reconnect your Furby.


What do other customers say about Furby Connect?

Furby Connect Pink with sleeping maskFurby fans and parents love this new Furby Connect and the main reason is the sleeping beauty mask, which lets you put Furby to bed and shuts it up at long last!

Other positives include its silky fur, wiggly ears and how interactive it is with everyone.


Joy of joys you can put Furby to sleep by clicking the sleep mask in place and he won’t wake up to every noise, movement, etc!!

Truly, I think this might be the first device that actually crosses the line between a “toy” and home-use “robot”.

For adults who like cute toys and gadgets it’s a great gift, and for a kid who likes playing with advanced toys and smartphones, it just might be the ultimate gift.

Why, if I hate it so much do I give it 5 stars? Because I have never seen my daughter this interested in anything before!

Furby Connect is a delight. Just beware that they have somewhat immature senses of humor. Hope you like burp and fart jokes.

My children love feeding it with the app, love that its “fatter” and softer than any other version, and love its little antenna that moves like a lever and changes colors.

Rather than just the standard movements and eye blinking I’ve seen in the past, this Furby has a wiggle to it – the body rolls and the ears move up and down. Our family adores it; I would highly recommend!


Summing up the new Furby Connect

Furby Connect Blue At long last you can now snap on your Furby’s sleeping mask and they will disconnect and go quiet!

This is a game changer for Furby fans, because previously, your Furby would just keep chitter chattering away to itself for ever.

The Furby Connect does tear through the batteries though, so be prepared to replace your AA batteries on a daily basis, if they are used constantly. And on the subject of batteries, as one customer has stated – Once you put batteries in, be prepared – because it doesn’t even give you time to screw its bottom plate back on before wiggling, babbling, and freaking out over being upside-down.

The Furby Connect is a fabulous interactive toy for all ages, from 6 years and up and if you love Furbies, you are going to flip out about this one!


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