4M Crystal Growing Experiment – Crystal Growing for Kids Review


4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Thrill your kidz with this Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

This Crystal Growing Experiment Kit is a wonderful gift for any children who are interested in geology, nature and science. Your child can grow 7 different crystals at home and they grow big enough to fill their display cases.

These crystals last for ever in their display cases and apart from teaching your child how to grow crystals at home, will look beautiful on a shelf in their room.

  • Best Seller on Amazon.
  • Contains all the materials needed to grow 7 different experiments.
  • Special display cases are included.
  • Easy to read instructions.
  • Suitable for ages 10 and up.
  • Can take a few weeks until full growth is complete.
  • Exciting and interesting learning experiment.


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4M educational toys include science kits, robotics kits, and craft kits, making learning fun and exciting. Every child deserves to learn more about our world and to see actual crystals growing right in their home. This crystal growing kit gives them a wonderful experience and helps them to learn more about our world.


The Crystal Growing Experiment is easy to use

4M Crystal Growing ExperimentThe 4M Crystal Growing Kits teaches children and adults about the beauty and complexity of growing crystals at home. All you need to do is to follow the easy to understand instructions to conduct 7 different crystal growing experiments.

Watch your child become more and more excited as their crystals grow bigger and more beautiful every day.

Each of the 7 crystals grows inside its very own display case and once fully grown will last indefinitely. Just imagine how proud your child will feel when they can show their newly grown sparkling crystals to family and friends – something they achieved all by themselves.

This crystal growing kit makes a great gift for boys and girls, and anyone who is interested in science, nature or geology. These kits are a great way to help give your children hands-on experience in growing crystals and can help you to develop your child’s interest in science.


Online customer reviews of the Crystal Growing Experiment

Crystal Growing Experiment KitThe majority of online customer reviews say that their child loved growing crystals at home and became really enthused with what was happening as the crystals grew. They paid a lot of attention to how fast they grew and many children measured their crystals every day.

On the negative side, some customers found that it simply didn’t work and they couldn’t get any crystals to grow. One factor might be that you do need a lot of patience when growing crystals, because it can take a few weeks before you see anything happening.

Others have found that their crystals grow much quicker, so it is a mixed bag of reviews. This crystal growing kit is a Best Seller on Amazon however, so enough customers are clearly happy with their purchase.

I got this for my niece she loved it she just started doing it and so far works great exactly what they said.

My stepson LOVED this kit!! He wants us to buy it again so he can have a round #2 on growing crystals!!!

Kids had a blast doing these. There are parts that say adult only, but they enjoyed what they could do and watching them grow.

Kids loved it, I loved it, great product. Would buy again.

This worked great! The 1st kit stayed liquid but that’s because the water wasn’t measured properly. But, otherwise, the other crystals we made came out perfectly!

Worked great, we chose purple and got large, beautiful crystals!

The kids loved this! Box shows what you will get. Some grow fast and some take a little longer.


Should you buy the Crystal Growing Experiment Kit?

M Crystal Growing Experiment kitFor less than $20, you can’t really go wrong with this crystal growing experiment kit. Some customers have found that their crystals didn’t grow, but the vast majority have had plenty of fun with their kids growing these beautiful crystals.

This is definitely worthwhile  as a gift for boys and girls for their birthdays or at Christmas.

The mix of science and growing things is a great way to teach your kids about the world and nature, as well as giving them confidence that they can make something so beautiful as these crystals.


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